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Paul Nam

Founder / Executive Chef

Chef Paul Nam-cafe ile.jpg

Paul Nam has been working as a Sushi Chef for 23 years in the Philadelphia and Washington, DC areas.


He focuses on providing a truly authentic Sushi taste with a unique style all his own along with his customized service to every guest. Chef Nam is always challenging himself to create new menus and in offering a uniquely stylish way of serving Sushi. He demonstrates theses different aspects through his roles in the kitchen, creating authentic and fusion style Asian food, not specifically centered around a sushi menu. He has a gift in handling Korean / Japanese cuisine due to his Asian roots! He is well qualified throughout many years of experience as the Head Chef at ‘Rolls n Rice’ in Rockville, MD. and Cafe Momo in Alexandria, VA.


He has proved himself in conducting sushi bar operations, in being interactive with chefs in the kitchen, as a hall manager and in communicating to the staff the customers’ orders and so fulfilling them speedily. 

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