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Tuna - Cafe ile
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Specialty Coffee

You can experience with deep authentic coffee

by our food & beverage director Ellie. 


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Sushi A la carte

Sushi A la carte

Assorted sushi roll combos by our chef Paul and Young.

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Fresh sandwich


Now, T.E.A, Avocado toast, Smoked salmon, Tuna crab, and Prosciutto burrata, are serving!

Our chef  Ellie bakes croissant and bread every morning, so you can experience fresh baked bread.


I was mesmerized by the sincere warmth, thoughtful eye contact, and small plates that seemed to smile as you lifted each piece of sushi. The smooth and inviting sounds of jazz swirled in the air, and felt a little buzz of intoxication from the joy, sense of humor, and the extreme kindness of this five-star staff. Opening the door and with each step into this paradise, you suddenly realize how unimpressive most restaurant are. Cafe Ile was busy, yet the level of service, and the detail of care, quality of taste, and the precision of visual beauty of the arrangement of the food on the plate was so inviting and soul-stirring. If this review was a message in a bottle to the staff, I would say, please continue to warm our souls with your positive attentiveness, humble sincerity, and the master class of taste, care, and endearing excitement that caught all of the guests by surprise and wonder. You are a five-star wonder!

Mr. R.J., Tysons VA

Saba+Califlower by chef Young

Catering Order Form

Please make a catering order 48 hours in advance.
Tell us a little about your event so we can begin to design your party.
Sunday parties & events are welcoming. (Please reach us to design your party).

We are very sorry that we won't have "Omakase course" for a while for better service in the future.

Thank you so much! Your request is pending.

Please wait for our confirmation email.

Tuna Crab Tartine-cafe ile
Tuna - Cafe ile
Brownie-dessert-cafe ile
Impro 2-cafe ile
Salmon Avo Tartine - cafe ile
ile salad - cafe ile
Rainbow 2-cafe ile
Blueberry ice tea - cafe ile
Brie & Pear Tartine-cafe ile
Fish Egg 2-cafe ile
Mixed Green-cafe ile
ile tartine-cafe ile
ile Salad-chicken-cafe ile
Vegie 2-T.D.-cafe ile
Egg salad croissant - cafe ile
Unagi 1-cafe ile
Avocado toast, cafe ile
Rainbow 1-cafe ile
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